959 NINEFIVENINE is committed to creating excellent products that can last over time, respecting all those involved and the planet. We work to ensure that the entire lifecycle of our products has the least negative impact on both people and the planet, with the understanding that the rights of the people involved in the production process both directly and indirectly must be respected to fulfill this goal.

With the ambition of being a responsible company, we are committed to researching and using materials that have the least possible impact on the planet. We use recovered materials, materials derived from natural textile fiber and synthetic materials containing recycled fiber that have certifications that guarantee production quality and respect for the planet.

We demand that our suppliers, employees, and producers also share our principles to make our supply chain as fair and transparent as possible in respect of people and the planet. We work to ensure that these valuable partnerships contribute to product quality, knowledge and experience sharing for responsible development. Each piece in the collection is made in Italy: from the design phase, which is in-house, to the manufacturing phase, so we have relied on a professional and responsible production company that makes high-quality products under safe and ethical working conditions.